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aim chat rooms

For grins last night I decided to check out AIM chat rooms. The last time I used one of these was.. well.. I don't even remember the last time I used one.

AIM chat, formerly AOL chat, has always been something of an oddity. For a ton of people out there it was the very first live-chat environment they ever used. The only chat older than AIM chat that still exists is IRC - and IRC sucks.

There is a Tampa Bay specific chat room on AIM, so naturally that's where I went. I was happy to see one there. In fact I think AIM is one of the very few chats left that actually has truly local rooms.

What happened when I chatted was typical whenever I get involved in one of these things. Most liked me, a few tolerated me, one outright couldn't stand my presence and blocked me (heh). Par for the course. 🙂

Here's the crazy thing: I actually liked AIM chat. So weird to even say that. It is oh-so rare for me to like chat at all. The only other chat I like is when I do the live tech show I do. Even though that's IRC and IRC is crappy, it's still cool regardless.

The cool part about AIM now is that you can embed chat right on your web site, so I did for the Tampa Bay room. Who knows, you may catch me in there every so often.

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