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The most reviewed guitars in Canada

BPI California Classic

Since I covered guitars that are popular in the UK, I figured why not mention the guitars that get reviewed in Canada routinely, so here it is.

Starting with the guitar shown above, this is labeled as the BPI California Classic, and the only reason it sells well is price. At the time I write this, it's priced just under $100 - and bear in mind that's in Canadian dollars (in USA currency it would be about $78 USD.)

All I can say about this guitar is that if you're in Canada and want something dirt cheap that you could use as a project guitar, go ahead and get one. From the reviews I've read, the neck is on the thicker side, you may get some sharp fret edges that need filing down, and you may also need to level the frets. But again, bear in mind the guitar is just under $100. For that price, expecting a perfect guitar out of the box would be unrealistic.

Johnson JH-100-S Delta Rose

Johnson JH-100-S Delta Rose

Yes, this is a semi-hollow body, so the body is light in weight. The Delta Rose does look fancy for what it is (especially the tail piece,) and I like the fact the inlays are parallelograms instead of trapezoids.

Epiphone Riviera Custom P93

Epiphone Riviera Custom P93

Another semi-hollow body, also with parallelogram inlays, is the Epiphone Riviera. Three P90 pickups, Bigsby B70 vibrato and a gorgeous appearance all around. But it's more than just fancy dress. This one plays and sounds as good as it looks.

Dean Boca 12 string electric

Dean Boca 12 string electric

I was actually surprised to see this one listed as one of the more-reviewed guitars for the Canadian audience, but evidently Canucks really like their 12-string electrics.

The Boca 12 is a guitar I've reviewed before, and what I have to say about it hasn't changed. It is a bargain for a 12-string electric and definitely one of the easiest 12's to deal with. Some 12-string electrics for whatever reason are really complicated instruments, but fortunately the Boca 12 is simple. The simplicity combined with good price is why it sells well.

Schecter Hellraiser C-1

Schecter Hellraiser C-1

A mainstay of the Schecter lineup for a while now, the C-1 Hellraiser is a favorite for many guitar players. It has a distinct upscale look where you can easily say "that's a Schecter" from a distance in a good way, the build quality is amazing and the EMG active electronics is top tier stuff.

I used to own a C-1 myself, and it's one of those guitars that feels like a premium custom shop build without the custom shop price. It's also one of the few guitars where I can honestly say that you do get what you pay for. It's not overpriced nor underpriced.

What's also nice about the C-1 is that you have options. The Hellraiser is one of the upper tier models, but you can get a basic C-1 for much less that doesn't have the fancy inlays, binding or active electronics. And if you like the basic model, you can upgrade (and it is a true upgrade) to the fancier Hellraiser model later.

Two honorable mentions

Two more that appeared when I was searching around for talked-about guitars in Canada are these:

Both these guitars made an appearance because of their low price. I obviously think the Telecaster is the cooler of the two. 🙂

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