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Cool Casio watches for late 2017 (and into 2018)

Some newer and some older Casio watch models make for some cool timepieces. These are a few of my favorites. I might be picking up one of these soon.

Starting with the above, the Casio B650WD-1A is the spiritual successor to the A158 and A168. I've talked about this watch before, but I'll say a few more things I didn't mention. First, it's more or less the same as the F108 model but in a much nicer looking case. Second, the case is frost painted (not steel nor chrome plated) just like the B640WD. That's a turnoff for some but I think it's acceptable.

There are also two other flavors for this particular model. The rose gold B650WC-5AVT (meaning not yellow gold) and the all-black with reverse display B650WB-1BVT. But the modern classic look is definitely the B650WD-1A.

Casio MTD120-1AV
Casio MTD120-1AV

This one is a simple diver style with day-date complication. I like this one because it's really easy to read, the red stripe at the top right of the dial is a nice touch (a nod to traditional diver watches,) and the crown is just the right size without being goofy-big. The lug design also makes it really easy to change out straps on this one, and I'm also liking that the second hand is thin, orange and stays out of the way. Great design for a diver overall.

Casio G-SHOCK GLS5600CL-1
Casio G-SHOCK GLS5600CL-1

There are 4 versions of this model. The one shown above, the CL-3 with reverse display, CL-5 which is a brown-ish looking thing with reverse display and the CL-7 which is all-white with regular LCD display. The CL-1 is the one I like.

This is a winter G-LIDE model for 2017. It's a G-SHOCK, so of course it can handle a ridiculous amount of abuse, and that includes the strap itself. Casio states the band ring is made of stainless steel. There is also a decorative patch on the 12 o'clock side that "gives it the appearance of a flight jacket," again according to Casio description. You can see the beginning of the patch in the image above on the top of the band.

My favorite part about this is that it is not a goofy-big G-SHOCK. Casio is finally wising up to the fact ridiculously big watches are just stupid. This one measures 46.7mm lug-to-lug x 43.2mm across x 12.77mm thick. This is a watch that even I could wear on my smaller 6.75" wrist. Very nice.

The design of this G-SHOCK is simplified and clean. No crazy colors or any other dumb styling. This is definitely one of the good ones.

Casio PRG650Y-1
Casio PRG650Y-1

This is a PRO-TREK model. Ordinarily I don't like these, but this is one I could get along with. It has the blackout style, but the hands make it very easy to read. One of the cooler features of this is that the inside of the band is luminescent that glows faintly when in a dark environment. It also has the "neon illuminator," so when the face is lit up, oh yeah, you can read it. Being it's PRO-TREK, it is a triple sensor (bearing, altitude/barometric pressure and temperature) and is a Tough Solar.

Casio states this watch is specifically built for night activities, hence the look and specific functionality it comes with. Basically that means that this is a great outdoors watch. Built tough, lights up very brightly and gives you the info you want when you want it.

I like the fact the styling is reserved on this one. I'm a sucker for simple, clean timepiece looks if you couldn't tell that by now. Most PRO-TREK models look a bit dopey, but this one has a style that really works. I also like the fact there are actual numbers on the dial.


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