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Casio MTP4500D - a great chronograph watch nobody knows about


It is the lack of a specific feature that makes this watch great.

The Casio MTP4500D is a watch you've probably seen many times and never gave it a second look. Maybe you should.

There are two main problems with the majority of chronograph watches out there. Too big and too complicated.

If you look at the typical chronograph watches available, the first thing you're going to notice is that many are just plain huge, as in physically large. It's very typical to find them starting at a 45mm case diameter.

The next thing you notice is that many have a dial that's "too busy", but that's not the complication problem. The problem is the date complication specifically. Most chronograph watches have the date placed at a weird angle either at the 4 o'clock position or close to it. It just looks dopey. Others have them are the 3 o'clock position and others at 6 o'clock. But I'd argue no matter where the date complication is, having it at all is bad. The date simply doesn't need to be there on a watch of this type. You don't buy a chronograph watch to know the date but rather to know the time and for timing things.

Enter the Casio MTP4500D. This is different. It looks complicated, but is actually really easy to use.

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