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Casio MTP4500D - a great chronograph watch nobody knows about

1. No date. This is really nice because that makes the watch a true wear-and-go type. The only time you ever have to set this thing is when adjusting for Daylight Savings Time.

2. Larger numbers for the ones that matter on the subdials. The top subdial at 12 o'clock indicates how many minutes have passed after you start the chronograph. The 9 o'clock is how many hours have passed (up to 12) after you start the chronograph. The 6 o'clock subdial is a small seconds subdial for the current time. The bigger numbers on all these dials make them really easy to read even for a smaller case size.

3. This is a 42mm watch and not a gigantic 45mm or greater. The dial is also smaller due to the slide rule bezel (which is bidirectional), and that's nice because it doesn't make it look like you're wearing a pie plate on your wrist.

4. Screw-down case back. This is a quartz watch, but getting to the battery is easy with a cheap case back removal tool. Also, you will not mind this is quartz because of the small seconds subdial. The longer second hand is only used for the chronograph.

5. Fly-back chronograph seconds hand. When resetting the chronograph, the hand sweeps back to the 12 instead of just clicking back. Looks cool. Also, side note on resetting this should you need to do it: If that hand ends up not resetting back to the 12, that's an easy fix. Pull out the crown, then press the start pusher. You'll see the chronograph seconds hand advance. Keep pressing it until it's back to 12, then push the crown back in, done. Now the chronograph seconds hand will reset back to 12 like it's supposed to. Many chronograph watches usually have the seconds hand reset in this fashion.

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