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Driving video of the Garmin DriveSmart 66


No unboxing. No review. Just driving.

I'm going to put it out there that "unboxing" and "review" videos are old hat. Nobody cares about those things anymore. What people do care about is seeing the thing in action for whatever it may be. In this instance, it's a Garmin DriveSmart 66, my current daily driver navigation system.

You can see the video below or right here.

I've had the DS66 for several months now, and yeah, good performer all around. I don't use the phone for navigation and there isn't any infotainment in my car, so I use a Garmin.

In all honestly, even if I did have a car with infotainment, I'd still use a Garmin anyway. This is partially because I'm used to "the Garmin way" of navigation, but also because it's a navigation system where I can specifically instruct it to not change my route at all once I'm on my way.

Currently, I do have mine set to change the route if major traffic is detected, but I can easily turn that off. The same can't be said for other nav systems (this is especially true of certain online phone-based nav apps).

For anybody that wanted to know what a DS66 looks like when you're actually driving with it, here it is:

Published 2023 Jun 8

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