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Epiphone DC Pro has a very cool factory mod


This guitar comes with a factory mod that most Les Paul players wish they had in their guitars.

The Epiphone DC Pro in Mojave Fade seen above (which by the way comes in 4 other colors as you'll see from the link) is one of those "true" Epiphone guitars in the respect it holds its own.

DC stands for Double Cut, and it absolutely does not compete with Gibson. If you look at the Gibson Double Cut, that's a totally different shape. And even if you look at the old Gibson Double Cut from the early 2000s, the Epiphone still doesn't look like that guitar either; this is why I say the DC Pro is a "true" Epiphone.

I'm glad Epiphone put their best headstock design on the DC, which they call a Tree of Life. It fits this guitar well.

So what's the deal with this guitar? What's the secret weapon? What's it got that Les Paul players wish they had?

Answer: Phase switch.

In this guitar is a pair of ProBucker pickups with coil split and push-pull for changing the phase on the neck side pickup.

What that feature basically does is "honk out" the sound, Peter Green style.

And what exactly does that mean? Greg Koch explains it best:

With the Epiphone, you get this out-of-phase mod. It's in the DC Pro. Switch back and forth to it whenever you like.

And being the DC Pro is an Epiphone, oh yeah, it's affordable. Not a rock bottom price, but still a nice price nonetheless considering what you get. What do you get? Bound body, bound neck, bound headstock, fancy fretboard inlays, premium pickups, premium wiring option, strap lock connectors, premium tuners... this guitar is totally decked out for what it is.

You don't need a '59 Les Paul to get that Green sound. You just need a DC Pro, which costs way, way less.

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