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Ernie Ball Slinky Classic guitar strings review

This is the first Ernie Ball string I've ever truly liked.

The Ernie Ball Regular Slinky is a string I do not like. Over the years, I've bought a pack every so often just to see if I could get along with it, and I just couldn't. The strings snapped too easily for my playing style, and overall sound was just too shrill.

However, there is also the Slinky Classic. It is available in sizes 8-38 (what I use,) 9-42, 9-46 (heavy bottom,) 10-46 and 11-48.

Why did I try this string? Because according to the Ernie Ball web site, it has a slightly lower overall output and less treble, but keeps the midrange and bass response the same as the Regular Slinky.

Is this true? Yes. The Slinky Classic is the first string I've ever actually liked. It's not as shrill as the Regular Slinky, and to my fingers these strings have a better feel to them.

Now as far as how long they'll last for, that I don't know as I just put on a fresh set at the time I wrote this. But so far, yes I am genuinely liking these strings.

Will I like them enough to switch over to using them full time? That I don't know either. Time will tell. But for now they're working out quite well.

In the end, yes it's true that the Classic Slinky is in fact a different string than the Regular Slinky. The Classic isn't just a Regular in different packaging. The feel and sound is definitely different. For me, it's different in a good way.

If you like the Regular Slinky but want something with a little less output and treble to it, the Classic works well. Its best application is on guitars with very trebly pickups to them (such as the Telecaster.)

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