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Living with a "full numbers" analog dial watch


This dial design is still the best for analog watches.

Above is a "full numbers" analog watch, the Casio MW240. Yes, it's cheap. But it does have every hour of the day on the dial, 1 through 12. You would be surprised how difficult it is sometimes just to find a dial design like this.

Part of the reason for the recent purchase of my Casio MTP-V006 is because it has a full numbers dial. This is without question my favorite analog dial design because it is one of the fastest to read.

To be clear, full numbers means every hour is displayed. If hour 3 or 6 isn't there because of a date window, then it doesn't count as a full numbers dial.

What's supposed to happen is that if you want a full numbers dial, it should be as easy as searching field watch on Amazon and just picking out the one you think looks the best. But as you'll see from that link, that's not exactly what you get.

Yes, you will see some full numbers dial watches there. But you're also going to see a bunch with complicated chronograph dials, date windows blocking hour 3, partial numbers dials, minute track numbers where the hours should be, and so on.

A true field watch is supposed to have something like the dial design of the Casio MW240, as in ultra-legible with high contrast on an uncluttered dial. Strangely, there's really not that many field watches that match the legibility of the MW240. Funny how a dirt cheap $20 watch is actually more legible that other field watches that sell for much, much more.

I need those hour numbers

I definitely need all those hour numbers on the dial, otherwise at certain times of the day I have to stare at the dial longer to figure out what time it is. That may not sound like a big deal, but it gets annoying having to repeatedly do that.

For whatever reason, I just can't get used to a symbols-only or any other analog dial that doesn't have all the hour numbers on it.

Some watch wearers are totally okay with hour markers that are all symbols. Most dive watches are like that where almost all the hour markers are just big dots with no numbers present. I owned one of those before and just couldn't get along with it.

Digital is, of course, the easiest of the easy to read because it's nothing but numbers for the time. But analog looks better, even if it's just a cheap MW240.

Although I've been a digital watch wearer for years, I've purposely been wearing the MTP-V006 just to see if I could live with it. Yes, I can. And it's mainly because of the all numbers dial. Reading the time is easy with all the hours there. Easy as a digital? No. But I've finally found an analog dial design that works for me, meaning I can wear it daily and not be annoyed by the display.

On a final note, I would get an MW240 if it weren't for the fact it's slightly goofy-big for my wrist with its 43.6mm diameter. If it were a 38mm (which is what my MTP-V006 is,) I would have already bought one.


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