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Garmin StreetPilot i3 Review!

All the stuff that comes with the i3 (quite a bit actually) shown on top of pizza box. 😉

Seen in photo: Maps DVD, manual, i3 itself, car charger, USB cable, Quick guide, mounting bracket, mounting plate.


I have to say something before showing the next volley of photos here:

FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS GIVEN TO THE LETTER. DO NOT, repeat, DO NOT get ahead of yourself. Take your TIME and it will load up and work FLAWLESSLY.

Okay, that being said:

Per instructions, I loaded in two AA batteries. You get a nastygram on first startup:


Now this is interesting for several reasons. It appears that you absolutely MUST HAVE a computer with a DVD drive and USB capability in order to get this thing to work. You absolutely CANNOT get anywhere until you load the map data from a computer FIRST. I pressed the buttons to see if I could get off this screen - I couldn't. This is NOT a flaw with the unit - that's the way it's designed.

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Published 2005 Aug 24

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