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Best Christmas guitar gifts for 2017

It's no surprise at all that almost all the best seller guitar gifts this year are on the low-priced end of the spectrum.

Why are lower-priced guitars selling better? It's not just because of price. Build quality has increased tremendously across the board compared to 10 years ago. The only time you get something truly bad is if the guitar is a toy. None of what's listed below are toys. And with that said, here are the hot guitar gifts for 2017.

Fender FA-100 guitar bundle
Fender Acoustic Guitar Bundle

This bundle includes a gig bag, tuner, extra pack of strings, strap, picks, polishing cloth and an instructional DVD. The guitar itself is Fender's FA-100 model. You can get just the guitar to shave off a few bucks, but if giving the gift to a total beginner who has never played guitar before, giving the bundle is better and doesn't cost that much more. The price is already cheap as it is.

Jasmine S35
Jasmine S35

This full-size acoustic sells for well under $100 new and easily beats the price at guitar stores considering the shipping is free. It's very highly rated as a genuinely good acoustic guitar by those who have bought it.

Simply put, this is as cheap as you can get while still getting a good acoustic guitar. Anything cheaper than this goes into "toy that will break in a week" territory.

Hinkler EBB Electric Blues Box Slide Guitar Kit
Hinkler EBB Electric Blues Box Slide Guitar Kit

This is a very simple guitar, but it's fun and has genuine character to it. Even if it's never played, it would still look cool hanging on a wall. This is traditionally known as a cigar box guitar.

Squier Bullet Strat HSS Hard Tail
Squier Bullet Strat HSS Hard Tail

The Hard Tail Bullet Strat was introduced this year, and many are flocking to it because a lot of players consider it the easier guitar to deal with since it has no tremolo system. This guitar has sold well since its introduction and continues to do so.

Squier Vintage Modified '70s Stratocaster
Squier Vintage Modified '70s Stratocaster

The '70s look for guitars is definitely the "in" thing at the moment, but aside from that, some players genuinely like an all-black Strat with the all-maple neck. This guitar definitely delivers that. Compared to the Bullet Strat HSS Hard Tail seen above, this is a traditional SSS with the tremolo system.


I was genuinely surprised to see this one make the list, but upon closer examination I was able to see why. This guitar is just plain gorgeous, has set-neck construction, 24.75" scale, jumbo frets, thin "U" shape neck, and most importantly, also comes in a lefty version. A lot of guitar companies ignore lefty players. LTD did not.

This guitar is best for players that prefer a "fast" thin neck on a guitar that turns heads, sounds great and plays great. This is a mid-priced guitar but is arguably better than anything Epiphone could offer, and at a cheaper price.

Also be sure to see the Lemon Drop finish option. Very cool looking.

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