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How much cash can you save by going Behringer over Boss pedals?

Behringer TU300

Fact: Most low-cost Behringer pedals are nothing more than close copies of more expensive pedals.

What that means is when when you know which pedal emulates a more popular brand, you can save a ton of money on pedal effects.

Here are a few Behringer pedals that closely emulate certain Boss models. If you like Boss (and who doesn't?) but are looking to save some cash, go Behringer.

Boss: TU-3 Chromatic Tuner
Behringer equivalent: TU300 Chromatic Tuner

Boss: MT-2 Metal Zone
Behringer equivalent: UM300 Ultra Metal

Boss: CS-3 Compression Sustainer
Behringer equivalent: CS400 Compressor Sustainer

Boss: RV-5 Digital Reverb
Behringer equivalent: DR600 Digital Reverb

Boss: NS-2 Noise Suppressor
Behringer equivalent: NR300 Noise Reducer

Boss: CH-1 SUPER Chorus
Behringer equivalent: UC200 Ultra Chorus

Boss: BF-2 Flanger
Behringer equivalent: SF400 Super Flanger

When you're strapped for cash and need a pedal that's cheap and good, Behringer is pretty much the only name you need to know.

How much can you save? A lot. For a few of the above, the Behringer will cost $75 less than the Boss version.

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