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Incoming Casio watches, MQ24 and W213

Casio MQ24-7B and W213

Two cheap Casio watches are inbound.

Neither of these have arrived yet, but I'll explain why I purchased each.

Casio MQ24-7B

I wanted the MQ24-7B because I sometimes like to wear a minimalist watch that only tells the time. I only spent 7 bucks on it. The price usually bounces around from $9 to $12, but I saw one for $7 and jumped on it because it's probably true I'll never see the price for one new that low ever again.

The Casio MQ24 is a minimalist runner that's simple, analog, cheap and super-legible. It's a 35mm timepiece that comes in many styles. The bigger 43mm version is the MW240.

Casio W213

The W213 (which cost me $16) is intended to be my new daily wearer.

Right now what I do every day is put on the G-SHOCK DW9052 (which does have a timer auto-repeat function) for my morning workout use, then switch to the AE1000 for the day, then switch back to the DW9052 again for my evening workout.

Basically, the W213 is the AE1000 without the "world time" stuff, which is fine. The face shows time, weekday, month and day, it has 5 alarms (one with snooze,) timer with auto-repeat, stopwatch and dual time. It should, hopefully, eliminate the need to switch watches just to get the specific functions I need.

Do either of these score style points?

Not really, as these are just cheap watches.

I suppose the MQ24 being a minimalist timepiece has a little bit of style to it, but not much. And as for the W213, that's obviously a tool watch i.e. a sports watch, so style isn't the concern for that one.

In my experience, you can't have tool + style at the same time with a watch. You have to go with one or the other. I already have a few fashion watches and don't need any more of those, so both of these were bought just for function. One for simplicity and the other for functionality.

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