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***Secret FSR Fender guitars? Yes, they exist, and they're right here

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It came from the '80s: Hondo H-1 Death Dagger


This is close to as nuts as it gets.

This may be sold by the time you see this (or maybe not? edit: yes, it sold), but behold, the guitar that will absolutely never fit on any guitar floor stand, the Hondo H-1 Death Dagger.

Sometimes you see guitars that test the limits of how far you can go with a design that's actually usable, and the Death Dagger is definitely one of these.

When I say this is close to as nuts as it gets, I'm not kidding:


The best selling point of this guitar is, unquestionably, that it has its original case because you are NEVER finding that unless it comes with this guitar, and this one has it.

The other thing I find incredible is that it has a Strat-style tremolo system on it. There is enough wood back there to where the guitar has the stability to support it.

Obviously, this guitar is meant for rock and metal. To use it for any other style of music would be insulting.

How does it sound? I have no idea, but that's not why you buy this thing. You buy it for the look. I would guess it has your typical high-output humbucker tone, because that's all you're getting with this.

I actually think it's priced fairly for what it is just because it has the case, because again, you NEED that if you're going to own this thing, aside from the fact these rarely come up for sale.

Published 2023 Aug 24

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