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***Secret FSR Fender guitars? Yes, they exist, and they're right here

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Fender Mustang Faded Mocha Special Edition

Fender Offset Series Mustang MN Faded Mocha FSR Limited Edition

Sometimes it's the simpler special edition Fender guitars that make for the best kind, and this is one of them.

Above is a plain Mexico-made Fender Mustang in a special faded mocha finish. Its price is the same as a regular Fender Mustang such as this one in Olive (which is a standard finish option), meaning you don't pay any extra to get this particular guitar.

If you have played the Squier Bullet Mustang HH, a dirt cheap guitar, and wanted another Mustang that is more upscale with some pizzazz to it, getting this mocha Mustang is actually a really good deal.

Obviously, this Mustang patterns after the mocha color options of the 1970s, where at the time you could get this finish on Stratocasters and Telecasters. Seeing it here applied to the Mustang actually works very nicely because of its decidedly woody appearance. Grain lines are easily seen on both the body and neck, the black-on-black pickup covers and pick guard work nicely (and yes the guard does have a white outline stripe to give it better definition), and the chrome isn't overdone at all. What you get is just a really nice look.

This is an example of my favorite type of special edition Fender. It's subtle, not overblown, no crazy gold, no crazy stripes, no crazy colors. You get a limited run instrument that's outside of the normal Fender catalog that you're proud to own. And again, it does not cost any more than a regular Mustang.

I honestly think this should be a standard color option for the Mustang because it works so well.

If you have the cash, grab one of these.


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