Eating ridiculous cookies, Oreo Space Dunk


I rarely buy Oreos or cookies in general, but when I saw the Oreo Space Dunk cookies, yeah I had to get them.

It was actually the appearance that sold me on them because it looks like an '80s arcade. You've got the packaging with the big 3-D SPACE DUNK letters on it, starry night in the background, and so on. The cookie itself has a spaceship on it. It totally works.

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Explorer is cool, but Firebird is cooler


I went to buy some strings recently, and the Epiphone Firebird was there hanging on the wall. Yeah, I had to try it out. I have a video of me noodling around with it below.

Even though I don't like tuners on the bottom of the headstock, I actually really liked how this thing played and sounded.

For the longest time I've thought about getting an Explorer style guitar (it would be the Schecter E-1 if I went for it), but there's just more cool factor to the Firebird.

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Probably the best new cheap semi-hollow guitar, Harley Benton HB-35


This guitar definitely looks the part. When it comes to a ES-335ish size, sound and feel, I don't think you can do much better than the Harley Benton HB-35.

Yes, this is a real-deal archtop.

Yes, the finish is actual high gloss.

Yes, it has neck-thru construction.

The F-holes are real and not fake, meaning it's an actual semi-hollow.

The price? That's the best part.

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