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Reverse headstock S-style with "cheese wheel" for cheap


There are two things that impress me about this one.

The last guitar I mentioned was not cheap in price, but this one is and has some rather nice features to it.

This guitar is simply known as a Zuwei Customshop Series. I have no idea what the model name is because it's not mentioned. What I do know is that it's way under $300 new.

What we have here is a simpler design with S-style basswood body and S-style HSS switching, but with a reverse headstock and a 24-fret neck. At the butt of the maple neck you can see the "cheese wheel" for adjusting the truss rod, and that's cool. Very easy to get to.

However, this guitar has a few more tricks up its sleeve. Look at this:


Yes, this guitar has that back-mounted output jack very similar to the Charvel I just talked about. It also has a deep cutaway on the rear of the bottom horn for easy access to the higher frets.

The cheese wheel and output jack are just really nice things to have, and this Zuwei has them for real cheap.

Given how low the price is of the guitar, even if the pickups don't sound that great, who cares? With the cash saved on this one, it can easily be put towards a replacement set.


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