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riverhills park

This is a park close to where I live. I've known about it for a while but just now got the chance to take some photos of it.

More info after the photos.






Riverhills Park is here. It "joins" with Scout Park. Riverhills is on the north side and Scout on the south.

There are three interesting things about this park.

First, probably the most interesting thing about Riverhills is the fact it's so unbelievably close to industry and retail buildings. You could never tell from the photos above that there is in fact a highway directly north of it bustling with cars and business.

Second, when in the park you don't hear the business to the north whatsoever. It literally is stepping into nature from business.

Third, it's true - Florida does actually have trees that change color as evidenced by the last photo.

I consider it this way: Florida does have an autumn season except it's roughly two months late. Whereas in the north this happens in September, it happens in November here in Tampa Bay.

Oh, and that's grayish/white stuff from the third photo? It's some kind of moss but darned if I know what the name of it is. You will see this stuff periodically in and around the area - usually on larger trees. You can touch it but people tell you not to because of "jig" bugs (similar to fleas from what I understand) that can get on you.

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