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The best "raw" presets for DigiTech RP360

DigiTech RP360

When you want to go "raw" with one of these, certain amp models are better than others.

If you own a DigiTech RP360 (or RP360XP) and want to wrangle a sound out of it that gets back down to basics, this is how to go about it.

In the image shown above, the RP360 is shown having just an amp model and absolutely nothing else. No compressor, no EQ, no effects.

When you edit a preset down to this basic level, this really makes for a nice "raw" tone.

How to prepare a preset

  1. Select a preset. Doesn't matter which one.
  2. Press down and hold the large Select dial to the right of the display until MODEL MOVE DELETE shows at the bottom of the display.
  3. Scroll to the left or right with the Select dial to select what you want to remove.
  4. Scroll to the left or right with the dial below the Select dial (the smaller one,) and the RP360 will ask if you want to delete or not.
  5. Click (as in press down once) on the Select dial to delete.
  6. Repeat this for everything except the amp model.
  7. When done, click Select again and you'll see something similar to the photo above.

The best "raw" amp models to use

Note: Each amp has a separate gain and master volume that's an editable selection per model by clicking the Select dial.

  1. 65 Fraternal - Set to be quiet so the gain and amp volume have to be turned up for this one, but produces a very nice amplified clean tone.
  2. 68 Plexi - The stock settings as-is for this amp model work well. Light overdrive that has a natural-like speaker breakup to it.
  3. Master Volume - Gain and volume need to be turned up for this too. Like the Plexi but with more treble to it.
  4. 800 JCM - Like the Master Volume with different midrange.
  5. 900 JCM - Like the 800JCM but with some treble rolled off and deeper midrange.
  6. Mark 4 - This is where some real overdrive starts happening. If drive is what you need, start here.
  7. Tri Rectified - Need even more gain? Go here.
  8. Heritage - Probably the best "needs nothing" amp sim with great overdrive there is on the RP360
  9. Matched 30 - Works very well for clean, also suits nicely for semi-hollow electrics
  10. Citrus 120 - Some very good overdrive here with nice bark to it.
  11. Spank - Some light speaker breakup on this one, very good for guitars with single-coil pickups
  12. Stoner Rock - Good classic rock overdrive on this one.

There are of course other amp models, but the above 12 would be the most usable to most when you disable everything else. Using the RP360 this way gets to the most "true" sound you can achieve with it.


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