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Squier Affinity or Ibanez GIO?


Where low budget guitars are concerned, which to go with depends on a few factors.

Squier Affinity series and Ibanez GIO series guitars are more or less priced evenly, give or take 30 dollars. We're talking about a price range of roughly $200 to $230.

As far as which is the better guitar, overall I give it to Ibanez because it's the most compatible.

I'll explain.

If all you want is the guitar that is "most compatible" with amps, effects and recording to phone or PC, Ibanez GIO is the better choice.

I can say confidently that an Ibanez GIO will work with any amp and/or effect you have. In addition, having this guitar also makes shopping for amps and effects a lot easier. Why? The pickups. They are voiced in a way that sounds right with just about anything.

However, if you're going after clean tone, country twang, funk or anything else where clear clean tone matters, a Squier Affinity Strat or Tele will destroy the Ibanez.

HOWEVER... Squier Affinity Strats and Teles are not compatible with all amps and effects. In fact, there are many amps and pedals which Affinity guitars would just sound outright awful with. Careful attention needs to be given to what sounds better with a Squier Affinity series guitar and that's just the way it is.

Knowing this, why would anyone bother with an Affinity Strat or Tele in the first place knowing it doesn't work with everything? Answer: Tonal character. As in a character that only Strats and Teles have that's very specific, and to many very pleasing to the ear.

In the end, if just starting out and just want something that works with everything, get the Ibanez GIO. But if you lean more towards clean tone with that specific tonal character Strats and Teles have, get the Squier Affinity.

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