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The social stigma of guitars


In the latest episode of Rich Talks, I talk about the social stigma of guitars.

The episode is below, but here are some additional things I didn't mention.

When I said I let go of brand, that doesn't mean I'll just play any ol' ugly guitar that comes my way and/or something that just looks ridiculous. For example, it's probably true you will never see me playing any guitar with mirror stuff on it. I don't care if it's on the body, pick guard, headstock or anywhere else. If the guitar has mirror-anything, I don't like it.

There's inexpensive good and inexpensive bad when it comes to lower cost guitars.

Inexpensive good is when the guitar looks right, feels right, plays right, sounds right. Inexpensive bad is when you make compromises just to save money with your guitar.

Acceptable compromises are for things you can improve, such as tuner replacements and/or maybe better pickups.

An unacceptable compromise is if the cheaper guitar has a neck that doesn't agree with your hands. You can't fix that. Same goes for the body. If it's a shape you don't like or it's too heavy or too light, you really can't fix that either.

In other words, provided you stay on the inexpensive and good side of things, you're doing all right.

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