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Tweed cloth jacket guitar cable for 7 bucks


Another reason to love the Amazon Basics line.

Firstly I'll say that the what you see above is the price right now at the time I write this. And also, yes, there is a traditional tweed color, but that one is a few bucks more...

...but still, I remember cables like this easily selling for over $20 just for a 10-foot length. These days with modern machining, the cables still have the same quality and can be manufactured for less. So yeah, total win here.

Are tweed cloth jacket cables any good?

My answer to that is any braided guitar cable is good, including the one mentioned above, and it's for one reason:

It doesn't tangle anywhere near as much as regular guitar cable does.

If you play guitar mostly at home (as most guitar owners do), it's probably true that more often than not you're just leaving your cable plugged in the guitar all the time. You pick up the guitar, play, put it back on its stand, and repeat whenever you feel like strumming a few chords.

If using a regular guitar cable, yes it will tangle even just doing those simple motions. Braided cable is far less likely to tangle over time. It's obviously not impossible for braided cable to tangle, but you have to really neglect it for that to happen. On the other hand, regular guitar cable manages to find a way to get tangled even if well cared for.

There's also something else that cannot be denied about tweed cloth jacket guitar cable. It looks cool. Whether you get the black-and-white or the traditional tweed look, it just has a much more interesting appearance compared to plain black.

Again, it used to be that cable like this was double or triple the price compared to regular cable. Not anymore. Go ahead, get a few, and enjoy.

Published 2023 May 18

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