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visually unappealing

I entitled this one "visually unappealing" because I have a photo showing the place I went to yesterday, but unfortunately I forgot to bring the stupid cable for my digital camera to transfer files to my computer once again. I'm in Inverness, the cable is in Tampa. So... you will have to wait until I get back to Tampa to see the photo. Edit: Photo added. See above.

Until then, here's a short description of what happened (can you feel the excitement?) 🙂

Arrived in Inverness yesterday at my Pop's place around 7am. Then went to get my oil changed. During the time that was happening I called a friend I was supposed to meet up with so we could do some shopping. Went home, took a shower, laid down for a minute and then...


Out like a light. Fell asleep.

(It should be noted, when one has just taken a shower, and then lies down for a moment, it's just all too easy to fall asleep.)

Woke up eight hours later, then felt really guilty because I said I was going to go do shopping with the aforementioned friend but snoozed instead. Called her up, explained why I didn't show up, and she was very understanding and said it was okay.

However, all was not lost. It was 5pm and I asked her to call the place we were going to visit to see if they were still open.

Success! They were open until 6:30pm. I got myself together, picked her up, and we made it around 6:10pm - so by the lucky stars I was able to narrowly save the day in that respect. 🙂

The shop we went to was called "Magical Senses"; a small shop in Crystal River Florida that has lots of magic/mystical things, like incense, crystal balls, magic stones, books and so on. It was a neat little shop. I took a photo of the storefront (which is the pic I wanted to show here but can't right now), and even the entrance looks interesting.

In other news: Later today I will be heading back to Tampa. I have my new music almost finished, and I will be able to post the photo then.


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