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What is a good watch for winter?


My answer to this question is the exact opposite of what most would recommend.

Usually, when one thinks of "winter watch", the standard answer is to wear something tough, like a G-SHOCK or maybe a Glycine Combat Sub, Victorinox I.N.O.X., Luminox or some such.

These are all fine choices, but it's not what I use for the colder months.

My watch of choice for the cold is the small, thin and ultra light Casio AQ230.

Why? Simple answer. It's one of the thinnest watches I have that slides under the cuff very easily.

When I'm wearing a sweater or coat, wearing a thick watch bothers me. When putting on the sweater or coat, a thick watch can get caught going through the sleeve. After that, if I leave the watch in front of the cuff, the watch gets pushed into my hand. If I put the watch under the cuff, it doesn't feel comfortable at all.

Thin, light and on a metal bracelet is the best combo for a winter watch

Thin means the watch slides under the cuff. Light means you're not bothered by the weight. The metal bracelet also makes for easier sliding under the cuff since there isn't any strap tail sticking out.

Winter is the only time I can actually tolerate a metal bracelet. While I do love my "I don't care" W735H watch, its thickness and strap get in the way when I'm wearing long sleeve stuff.

Other options for thin/light/bracelet watches:

Casio A158. Cheap and widely available. And to note, it is thinner than the A168.

Casio A700W. Like the A158 but with a far superior amber night light and ridiculously thin at 6mm. (Yes, really.)

Casio A500W. 5 alarms, countdown timer, a whole bunch of time zone options, decent amber night light.

Citizen Eco-Drive Paradigm "Super Titanium". Analog, 10mm thick, smoothed edges all around and the light weight of titanium. Also has a sapphire crystal that is AR coated. It's Eco-Drive so it's solar, meaning you'll most likely never have to change the battery.

Tissot T1274104404100. Yeah, not exactly a model name that rolls off the tongue. However, this is also titanium and has an 8.5mm thickness.

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