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weather tools i use that don't suck


It is usually true - other than just by looking outside - that the only thing you really need to get weather information is a weather station and/or a big 'ol outdoor thermometer.

What those tools can't do however is tell me a forecast, nor give me any information from a significant distance.

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how i deal with being sick

I've been sick all week. Caught a bug. Is it flu? No idea. Maybe.

I don't get sick often. Maybe once or twice yearly. But when I do, it hits hard and there is a routine I go through to allow my body to heal itself.

I'll try my best not to make what I'm about to describe sound gross.

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Gem guitar from the 90s: G&L ASAT III


It's not the Strat-style pickup configuration and electronics that really make this great but rather the bridge.

What you're looking at here is a G&L ASAT III from the late 1990s. It does not load strings from the rear but is rather a top loader, and things get better from there.

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