browser bouncing

I have to run three different web browsers just to get all the stuff done I want to.

When I was using Windows, I bounced between Edge and Firefox. My Firefox was the one that had a bunch of add-ons installed to extend functionality. My Edge was kept almost 100% stock. The only add-on I had was to make new tabs blank, which I prefer.

In Linux, I run three browsers. Firefox, Chromium and Brave.


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a list of brown and khaki casio watches

While it's really easy to find a black Casio (I wear a black W735H daily), there are brown and khaki color models that are definitely worth a look. In fact, I own one that I'll talk about in a moment.

An earth tone color watch is a feelgood thing, and said honestly, it fits most men's daily wear better. Lots of guys wear earth tones, be it with brown shoes, brown boots, maybe a brown hunter's cap, and so on. Earth tone also works with anything camouflage, like a hunter's jacket.

There's another perk to a brown or khaki Casio. It looks good both when new and when beat up. A black Casio looks like trash when beat up, but not the brown or khaki.

Okay, let's get to the list.

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shoutout to dave


This is Dave's Ford Explorer. How do I know? His name is on it. Dave announces himself wherever he goes because darn it, he's just that important.

Dave's truck smokes like an incinerator. You might think that's because the engine is on its last leg. No. Dave did that on purpose to keep people from tailgating him. Safety first.

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