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a really expensive piece of crap

evh-strat I play guitar so I like to see what's out there every so often. I happened to see the replica Frankenstein Eddie Van Halen guitar. Does it look identical to the original? Yes. In every detail.

Wanna know how much it costs?


And what do you get for the money?

A guitar that looks, feels and plays like it's been sitting in a damp basement for about 25 years.

I wish I was kidding.

What you're really paying for is the the fact that Fender replicated every nick, scratch, cut, burn mark to exacting measurements.

The guitar is supposed to be more art than anything else, because to be blunt honest, as an instrument it's a complete piece of crap.

Sometimes I wonder.. if/when I become a famous musician, will my crappy red Strat be worth thousands and thousands to a collector?

Probably. 🙂

fireworks in december

Earlier this evening I went out to grab a bite to eat at a local fast food place. Right after I got my food some fireworks started to go off across the street at Busch Gardens. I parked and watched them for a little while. I got some photos and video of it but I don't feel like posting it right now so I'll do that later.

Back at the stomping grounds it was well known by all that fireworks are illegal. In fact, you can only fire them off legally if you're a licensed pyrotechnician and have had your "event" approved by an official. Connecticut is very anal retentive about fireworks. Several things that are literally harmless (like snakes) are outright banned.

Here in Florida I can literally drive down the street, buy fireworks and set them off anywhere I please, more or less. I haven't bought any but I could any time of the year. There are two huge pro shops just for fireworks right near me.

This is yet another reason why Florida kicks ass.

back to ff

To my dismay, Netscape 9 is going the way of the dodo. I was using it for a while and really liked it because it runs better than Firefox does. Don't ask me why - I don't know. It just did.

Being that I just don't like Internet Explorer 7 and don't care much for Opera I went back to Firefox.

Okay, yeah, I know.. Netscape 9 uses the same engine Firefox did. But like I said, Netscape just ran better.

The current FF is noticeably smoother than the previous (that's when I switched to NS 9) and so far so good.

But I miss the Netscape look. Yeah, I could "skin" Firefox to look like Netscape but it's just not the same.

Oh, well. 🙂

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