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Squier Bullet Strat Hardtail

One wonders why Squier didn't do this sooner?

Guitar of the week #100 - Squier Bullet Strat

This is the guitar that got me back into guitars; it made sense to feature this one as the #100 guitar of the week.

Did you know Fender has 8 white guitar body color options?

When it comes to guitars, white is not white. In fact, it's usually anything but white.

Red Squier is off to the luthier

My little guitar in Dakota Red is being reconditioned and modified.

Squier Affinity Telecaster and thoughts about fat guitar players

It's kind of embarrassing that I have to admit what I'm about to say, but the truth must be told.

Experimentation with a floating bridge on a cheap Squier Strat

Above is a guitar that long time followers of mine know as Banana, the 2010 Squier Bullet Strat in Arctic White. Why is she called Banana? Because the Arctic White that Squier puts on that particular guitar is nowhere near white. It's decidedly more yellow, as in banana-colored, hence why the guitar is called Banana.

Rich's big list of Squiers

I only own 3 Squier guitars. However in less than a year I've gone through 6 of them, chasing tone left and right until I finally ended up with what I have now.