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Black coffee is the best low calorie drink there is


If you can find a brew that works for you, this is good stuff.

I'll say first that yes, black coffee is the best low calorie drink that exists, because it actually does have calories in it. The best zero calorie drink is, of course, plain water.

How many calories are in black coffee? One 8 ounce cup (240ml) is 2 Calories. Hot or cold, doesn't matter. It's just 2 Calories.

I learned recently that yes, I can drink black coffee, but only if I brew it.

If I get coffee made for me by somebody else, such as at a coffee shop, I will always dump in a bunch of cream and sugar. Why? Because every coffee place always serves coffee way too strong and I have to sweeten and lighten it up. It doesn't matter whether I get cheap coffee at a gas station, mid tier at a donut shop or highfalutin stuff at a proper coffee shop. It is always too strong, so cream and sugar is absolutely required.

Yes, I could simply water down the coffee I'm served, but then that cools it too much and I have to buy an extra bottle of water. Not worth it.

Have I tried asking for my coffee served weak? Yes, I have tried that. It doesn't work and it's still too strong.

The way I make coffee at home is that I grind my own beans using breakfast blend whole bean a.k.a. "light" blend. That is literally the only kind of coffee I can drink black where I don't convulse after taking a sip. I just use a cheap drip coffee maker, put a few teaspoons of the ground coffee into the filter, brew 10 minutes, pour and drink.

When I drink the breakfast blend black in the way I make it, no ill effects happen. I can sip and enjoy out of my mug which holds 11oz (probably around 3 Calories).

Why my sudden interest in black coffee?

I had never tried my breakfast/light blend black. This is stuff I've been drinking for a while and thought, "Wait a second... this is a breakfast blend and not that over-strong stuff. I should try this black just to see if I get along with it."

So I tried it, and it's good.

Is it as good as the light/sweet coffee I normally have? Of course not, because light/sweet coffee is great - but - now I have a totally sugar-free and creamer-free coffee I can have whenever I want that's ultra-low in Calories.

It's also good that if I run out of sugar and/or creamer, whatever, drink it black.

I suggest to anybody that if you drink coffee, and if the only reason you don't drink it black is because of the brew strength, seek out a breakfast/light blend to brew at home and try it.

On a final note, some of you may be thinking, "Why don't you just use less coffee when brewing so you can still have the stronger stuff in a weaker brew?" Doesn't work. When I tried that, it just tasted like coffee-flavored water instead of proper coffee. Getting the weaker blend is what worked for me.

Published 2023 Oct 21

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