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I keep going back to the Casio 593 (F-91W and A158)


Try as I might, I can't stay away from this thing. And I'm okay with that.

I'm almost 45 years old. At 40 I decided to start getting into watches. Never did I buy anything expensive. In fact, the most "expensive" purchase I ever made to date was for a Seiko SNK803 back in 2016 for $56.11 total (which is now significantly more). I returned that watch because I couldn't get used to the busy dial it has.

There are only two watches I wear now. My Casio A158 gold tone and gray/black F-91W. These are both the exact same watch that use module 593. It's the A158 that gets the lion's share of wrist time.

It used to be that I wanted a watch that did everything, but now I value comfort and legibility over features. The A158 is basically the lightest, thinnest, easiest-to-read and most comfortable watch that exists that has a stainless steel bracelet on it. The only other watch that is lighter and even more easier-to-read is the F-91W.

Legibility is a big reason I keep going back to module 593 Casio watches. Out of every digital watch that exists, the module 593 watches have virtually zero display washout. I'm surprised people don't talk about this more. That display is so clear and viewable from any angle. You do not have to look at the display head-on to read it. It can be tilted way back and still be read with total ease.

The only watch I know of that has greater legibility than the A158/F-91W where lower priced timepieces are concerned is the analog Timex T20041 "Easy Reader".

And the only way after that to go even more legible is just about anything by Mondaine. It's more expensive but most models have crazy-good legibility with several sizes available to fit all wrist sizes from skinny to large.

One of these days I will buy myself a Mondaine. I just recently added it to my wish list. I do want one because I love the ultra-high contrast of the dial.

However, until that day comes, I'm fine wearing my nicked up A158.

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