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garmin streetpilot c340 "hidden" features

I read a thread on and thought I'd put all the Garmin StreetPilot c340 tips/tricks into a single blog post for easy reference.

Some of the stuff here isn't documented in the manual. 🙂

Finding a street without a house humber

When attempting to find an address where you just want the street without a house number, enter the house number as 0, like this:

...then tap "Done" and enter the street as you would normally. The StreetPilot will go to the first listed number on that street.

For example, if I search for Busch Blvd in Tampa Florida with a house number of 0, this is what you get:

It starts at 100 (first address on street listed), then 300, 900 and so on.

Different ways of knowing when you'll get there

When routing a location, you see this:

If you tap "Turn In", (bottom right of the screen shot above), you see this:

If you wait a few seconds (or tap "Back") you will return to the map. Once there, if you tap "Arrival" (bottom left), you see this:

Note the top right corner; that is the total mileage remaining before you reach your destination.

Tap "Back" to go back to the map.

If you tap the top green bar right in the middle (where the current street name is displayed), you get this:

I found the above one by accident - but I love it and use it often.

Viewing the diagnostic mode screen

From the main screen after boot-up where it shows the "Where to?" and "View Map", press and hold the top right of the screen. You'll get this:

Scroll thru the screens and you'll see other things like this:

This stuff isn't particularly useful, but interesting.

Calibrating the touch screen

With the unit off, press and hold the power button until this shows up:

Touch the dots to calibrate. When done, you'll get this:

When you tap "OK", the unit reboots.

Routing (or saving a Favorite) directly from the map itself

Tap "Where to?", then the down arrow twice, then tap "Browse Map", shown here:

I find this especially useful if I just want to get back on the highway or interstate. I browse the map and tap an interstate. Tip: If you have trouble tapping a highway, tap the shield. In the example below, I've tapped The blue and red 275 shield. If that doesn't work, tap where you are, zoom in a few times, then tap again to get the location more precisely.

If I want to go to this location now, I just tap "Go!"

If I want to save it to a Favorite, I tap "Save".

(Note: "Set Loc." only appears if you're using "indoors" mode.)

Resetting the entire unit

WARNING: If you do this, you will lose all your Favorites. Back them up using MapSource first if you can.

With the unit off, press and hold the bottom right corner of the screen. Keep pressing on that spot and turn the unit on. The StreetPilot will ask if you're sure you want to reset. If you want to, do so. If not, don't. Simple as that.

If you elect to reset the unit, everything will literally be reset. You will have to select the time zone, clock and other things on boot. Essentially, it's the same as if you received the unit brand new out-of-the-box.

Note: It will take a while for the StreetPilot to acquire the GPS satellites for the "first time" afterwards. After that it will acquire satellites normally.

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