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it almost makes you want to move to hartford

I bash on New England a lot, but this is one of the instances where I'll speak of that region of the US in a positive light.

Anybody that's read my blog knows I'm a road geek. I happened to stumble across a video of a very nicely done driving video through Hartford. It has some effects purposely put into it but that's okay.

Below the video are my thoughts on it.

This video was recorded in July 2009, so it's not old at all at the time I write this.

Hartford and the greater area looks awesome when driving at night if you know where you are going. Assuming that's true (or you have GPS) and you're there at a time when there's no snow on the ground, you're treated to a lot of nice eye candy.

You'll notice while watching the video the many instances of construction. This is totally normal. Lots of flashing yellow lights, barriers and so on. You'll also notice many twists, turns, overpasses, underpasses and so on. This is very typical to the area as well.

Hartford's highways do have character to them. They have an almost video game-like feel when driving them at night. Maybe not as much as Boston, but it's still cool regardless.

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