The under-$150 Fender guitar


Just for fun, I wanted to find out what the absolute lowest-priced Fender branded guitar was. It's a ukulele. Specifically, the Fender Ukulele U'Uku Soprano. It's well under the $150 price point and anyone can afford it.

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Experimentation with a floating bridge on a cheap Squier Strat

Squier Bullet Strat with floating bridge

Above is a guitar that long time followers of mine know as Banana, the 2010 Squier Bullet Strat in Arctic White. Why is she called Banana? Because the Arctic White that Squier puts on that particular guitar is nowhere near white. It's decidedly more yellow, as in banana-colored, hence why the guitar is called Banana.

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How good can a Squier Telecaster sound?

This good:

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