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Secret Casio CA-53W calculator watch diagnostic screen, and future watch buys

Future watch buys

As I'm writing this, I'm wearing a Casio F-91W. Specifically, the F91WM-1B with the gray/monochrome style colorway. It's small, thin, light, digital and without question has the best legibility out of every digital watch I own.

I've said before the F-91W might be the best wristwatch in the world, and my opinion hasn't changed. Whenever I buy other watches, I like them at first, but at some point I will go back to the F-91W or A158 (mine is the gold tone A158WEA.)

The only watch I'm considering getting next for now might be the A700W for three reasons. It works just like the F91W, has a better night light and is even thinner at just 6mm. These reasons are enough to go ahead and get one even though it is functionally the same as the F91W.

Aside from that one specific Casio model, I'm not going to buy another watch for a while because what I intend to get next will not be cheap.

What I want to concentrate on next is an analog that's as close to maintenance-free as possible with ultra-legibility so it can be read at any angle. The easiest (and arguably best) way to get that is with a solar powered quartz dive watch. The solar battery will last for a very long time, and the quartz movement will keep time better than any mechanical movement without the need for it to be serviced.

Seiko rules the roost here, no question about it. But to get something proper, a minimum of about $250 needs to be spent. I've never spent that much on a watch in my life, but I know that a solar power Seiko quartz diver is the best of the lot. Built tough, has some of the best lume in the business, obviously has proper water resistance if it says "DIVER'S 200M" on the dial (certification is required to have that printed on there,) keeps great time... that's pretty much as good as it gets.

Is it as maintenance-free as solar digital? No, because you have to adjust the watch once a month so the date is correct, and once every time daylight savings changes - but that's it as it requires no maintenance otherwise. Wear it, beat it up, use the thing.

With that said, the Casio A700W - if I even bother to buy that - will be the last watch I get for a while. Then it's on to getting a Seiko when the time is right. I've owned a Seiko before but never one of their diver models, so that will be a first if I get one at some point.

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