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The Casio G-SHOCK DW9052 returns


My relationship with watches has changed, so I bought this again.

I originally bought my first G-SHOCK DW9052 in January 2017, then sold it in May 2019.

Here it is now in April 2023 and I decided to buy the DW9052 again.


Things have changed in what I want out of a watch now.

The reason I sold off the DW9052 I had before is because I thought I wanted a Casio digital watch with more features. Examples of this are the WS1000H (3 alarms, timer with auto-repeat), AE1000W (5 alarms, timer, 4 time zone displays) and SGW100 (3 alarms, timer with auto-repeat, thermometer, compass).

What really changed my tune more than anything else was getting a W218H. That watch for a lot of guys is their go-to Casio. Good size, ultra lightweight, fantastic legibility, great night light, several colors to choose from, and cheap but good. Basically put, a W218H is identical in features to the F-91W but better in all the right ways.

The W218 showed me that I greatly prefer an uncomplicated digital watch. After I started wearing that, I stopped wearing my other Casios with more advanced features.

However, what the DW9052 has that the W218H doesn't is a full month-day date display, a countdown timer with auto-repeat and 200 meter water resistance. I'm not big on water resistance rating, but did really want that month-day date display and timer with auto-repeat back.

I wasn't sure if I'd like the DW9052 as it is 48.5mm lug-to-lug, 43mm diameter and 14.7mm thick. It's the thickness I was worried about.

Once I strapped on the DW9052, my worries disappeared because I rediscovered instantly that this model is the only G-SHOCK that fits my skinny wrist correctly. It is so comfortable and so light at just 59g.

Drawbacks of the DW9052? Yes, there are a few.

The battery used is the CR2016, meaning it has to be changed once every 2 to 3 years.

Beep sound is lower compared other models. I'm okay with this. If I need something with a louder beep I'll just strap on the W218H. Alternatively, I have my W735H that can be switched over to vibration instead of beep (which really gets your attention).

Oh, and speaking of the W735H, yes, that's a great model too that actually fits my small wrist. But it's chunky at 16.1mm thick even though technically lighter at just 50g. It also has month-day date display, an unbelievably good night light and a timer, but... the timer doesn't have auto-repeat. But again, still a great watch.

A drawback of the DW9052 for others but not for me is how simple the watch is. The feature set is time, single alarm (which can be scheduled by date), timer with auto-repeat, chronograph and flash alert. That's it. The flash alert means that whenever an alarm or timer elapses, the display flashes. Flash alert is enabled by holding the START/STOP bottom right button for 2 seconds, the watch beeps once and you see a little burst icon appear. Disabling flash alert is by pressing and holding START/STOP again for 2 seconds.

I think the DW9052 just looks cool. I love seeing that curved G-SHOCK logo on the top part of the bezel and the decidedly older style of the watch as it is part of the Casio vintage/classic range. Sure, it's round and a bit bulbous, but that's part of its charm.

What the DW9052 does is give me just enough features without the timepiece being overly complicated. And, of course, this watch is built to be used. It's G-SHOCK, so it's tough and can handle anything I do with it.

Good to have it back.

Published 2023 Apr 18

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