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Danelectro D84

Danelectro D84

This is Danelectro's take on the Stratocaster guitar, the D84.

Is this guitar worth getting being it's the same price as the Fender Standard Stratocaster? The answer to that depends on how much the Fender annoys you.

I'll explain.

The first thing to note about the Danelectro is that it has 2 control knobs instead of 3. There are many Fender Strat players that think having 1 master volume and 2 tone controls is just stupid, and that it should be condensed to master volume and master tone. You get that with the '84.

The second thing to note is the 2-point Wilkinson tremolo system, which many believe to be far superior to the 6-screw Strat bridge (which is what you get on the MIM Strat). To get the 2-point with a Fender Strat, you have to buy a USA model which costs double that of the MIM. You get it for the same price as the MIM on the Danelectro.

The third thing to notice is vintage style slotted tuners. You don't get this on the Fender MIM. You do get them on the Squier Vintage Modified Strat, but then you go back to a 3-knob and a 6-screw bridge.

In other words, Danelectro pretty much addresses everything Strat players don't like about Strats with a guitar you can have for less than half the price a Fender American Professional Stratocaster.

My only nitpick about the guitar is the headstock design. Looks a bit cheap, but then again it has a race car look to it which some people like.

Summed up: If you like Strats but hate the standard wiring and knob layout Fender offers, then you want a Danelectro D84 instead.

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