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go spoof yourself

The switchover to my other domain is complete, and unless I didn't tell you, you probably don't notice the difference (that's a good thing).

The site is 99% working. I have a few odds and ends to clean up, but everything seems to be running properly.

I did, however, discover something a bit disturbing after I switched over the mail system to Google Apps.

Before I tell you what it is, I'll tell you what led to the discovery of the problem. is all set up with Google Apps, so I followed suit for this domain. What I did is set up a "catch-all" e-mail account for everything to funnel into. Normally this is spam suicide for most webmasters, but Google Apps is good enough to thwart nearly all kinds of spam that's out there.

Right after I set up the catch-all, the spam started flooding in. I expected this. The googlemail servers filtered it appropriately and dumped 100% of it into the "Spam" folder.

Because I was curious, I opened up the folder just to see what was in there.

I found a crapload of "Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender" headers.


This means that spambots are spoofing people using this domain as the origination.

Not good.

So I tried something I hadn't done before, that being to enable SPF. My host allows for custom SPF settings, and Google Apps has a specific SPF setting you can use. Hopefully this will slow down (and hopefully eliminate) the spambot spoofers.

Other than that, things are more or less a-okay. 🙂


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