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I bought another SX Furrian

SX is good if you're willing to level frets


I'm not saying that SX guitars are delivered with uneven frets. I'm saying that almost all guitars are delivered like that in this day and age.

The lowest priced guitars I know of that are mostly guaranteed not to have uneven frets are by Schecter. I've said this before and will say it again because it's true. If for example you buy Schecter's version of a Telecaster, the PT, I can confidently say the necks on those will have proper even-leveled frets - but you'll pay for it. Not a ridiculous amount, but still, we're not talking bargain basement prices here. For anything else outside of Custom Shop territory, uneven frets will happen, even on American Fenders.

I did have to level the frets on my Furrian. And in fact I have to do some more leveling because I found out I missed one on the high end of the neck around the 18th or 19th fret.

Am I upset about this? No, because the guitar was bought for less than $150 new.

If I found uneven frets even to the slightest degree on an American Fender (all of which are over $1,000), oh yeah, that would make me mad. But on a $150 guitar, there's no reason to get mad. You just get some tools, get some sandpaper and even out the frets yourself.

I don't claim for one second that either of my Furrians were perfect out of the box. In fact, the Fat did have better frets compared to the second one and required less work to get it right. However, getting a Furrian to being an excellent player takes very little work. Again, if you're willing to level frets, a Furrian is the best thing going for what it sells for.

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