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on spam

On the blogs I read routinely that have comments enabled, there is inevitably something written about how blog spam just throws the proverbial wrench in the engine so-to-speak, whereas the blog/site owner has to enable some kind of filter and/or security code prerequisite just to keep the spam out and the humans in.

I completely disabled comments and trackbacks on my site a while back (with blog spam being one of the biggest reasons I did it in the first place). It sucks, but what ya gonna do. While it's true that most people are able to tune spam out in the comments of a blog should it exist, it's still really annoying to go through.

Another reason I disabled comments/tb's is so I don't have to constantly upgrade my publishing software. Every time some new unbeatable spam-fighter feature is introduced, the spammers find a way around it. Some months later, the people who wrote your software release a new edition that totes something to the tune of "Yeah, we know the last spam filter thing didn't work, but uh.. here's a new version! It'll work! Trust us." So you upgrade. Then your blog blows up.

I remember when I upgraded from MT 2.661 to what I have now. Holy crap was that a nightmare and thensome. Valuable lessons were learned.

I would use HaloScan, but I just don't like the idea of having a separate web site for all my commenting needs and such.

So... my site stays as is. It works. De-commented, De-tb'd and all. (grin)

we don't need no steekin' telnet (yet)

The Frosted Side BBS Lives Once Again

True to my word I put up a dial-up BBS once again. I decided to go with ELE BBS and everything seems to work okay. The file server box is the one that was chosen for the dubious honor of being the dial-up BBS.

There are no telnet nodes on this system. If you want access to it, yer gonna have to call it. Heh. Honestly speaking I don't know if anyone ever will, but whatever.

I have LORD and Arrowbridge installed for door games in case anyone is interested in that, but to be honest I don't even know if they'll work when someone calls because, heh, I can't test them other than local. 😉

So yeah, the dial-up BBS dinosaur lives again. If you want to take a stroll down amnesia lane, direct your BBS dialer to 813-980-1765 and give it a jingle.


Some notes for those who've never used DOS BBS dialers:

You can use HyperTerminal. It's been in every version of Windows since Win 95 I think and is located at Start / All Programs / Accessories / Communications. If you want to set up a dial-up session to a BBS, this is how that's done:

1. Launch HyperTerminal (duh).

2. HyperTerminal will prompt you to name the connection. Call it "The Frosted Side" and hit OK.

3. Put in area code 813 and the phone number 980-1765. If local to Tampa you don't need the area code obviously. Then hit OK.

4. Hit Dial.

5. After connecting you'll need to change the font to Terminal. Click View (at the top), then Font and change to Terminal, font size 9 or 14 (those are the best sizes).

...and that's it.

I'll be making a separate web page just for this BBS.

Hopefully someone will call... (eek!) But like I said, if not.. no big whoop. The primary function of the box is my file server anyway.

Special note to Vonage users: Although this sounds completely ridiculous, you can plug your computer's dial-up modem into your Vonage box so you don't have to pay long distance charges if you're not in Tampa FL. (I call it ridiculous because you'd be using a high speed broadband phone line to go backwards to low-speed... but it'll work and won't cost you anything.)

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del rey

After pluggin' away more or less all day I finished up Del Rey, my latest release. It's five tunes and they're available free for download right here. I think it came out quite good if I do say so myself. (grin)

Yes, I finally gave in and put up songs free for download. Previously I was very against this, but at this point it's like "eh, whatever.. might as well", so I did.

I will keep them up as bandwidth allows. I'm reasonably sure I'm in the clear concerning that so it shouldn't be a problem.


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