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where they make the best taquitos

it's not a shark

Something I forgot to mention: While at Honeymoon Island on Saturday I spotted what looked like sharks in the ocean. They weren't. They were dolphins. A whole bunch of 'em.

It was my first time ever seeing wild dolphins.


smiling faces, happy places

I finally found the elusive place I was taken to seven months ago.

I'll explain.

In September '06 a girl took me to a beach somewhere in Tampa Bay. At the time we visited I said to myself "Y'know, I should bookmark this place in my GPS."

I didn't.

That girl and I don't talk anymore (drifted apart), but ever since then I have been trying like mad to find that frickin' beach. The only thing I remembered about it is that there was a very specific 7-Eleven right before it along a long road leading to the place.

Last Sunday, at long last, I found where that 7-Eleven was. Finding the beach where she took me was easy after that.

Trust me, you have no idea how NUTS this made me not knowing where this beach was. As you may or may not be aware, FL has tons of beaches, and trying to remember any specific one without knowing the name of it will drive you up a wall - or in my case, driving to every near-coast 7-Eleven in Tampa bay desperately trying to find where the frig you had been before.

Do you have any idea how many 7-Elevens there are in Tampa Bay alone? Trust me, you don't wanna know. 🙂

And oh yeah, I bookmarked it in the GPS this time.



Recently I discovered that BBS: The Documentary by Jason Scott was available for view on Google Video.


So I checked it out. If you like, you can watch it too. I recommend watching the highlights first, then if you want, view the big presentation. And if you still want more after that, click "From this user" on the Google Video thing to see the other sections.

In the pre-internet days of the early 90's I was heavy into BBS's. At one point I ran one using ProBoard 2.16.

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florida sunset

I had the sunrise photo covered, so now it was time to do the sunset.

Photo 1: Sunset, Honeymoon Beach Florida

The first photo is the all-too-typical postcard-perfect Florida sunset. This is the kind of photo you see in cubicles across America, usually put up by middle-aged women. I have seen this photo so much elsewhere that it's easy to dismiss as not being real. Believe me, it's real.

Photo 2: A different kind of cloud

To me, these clouds look odd. Cool, but odd. Not exactly wispy, not exactly fluffy. How to describe them? Skewed and with an unworldly quality to them.

Photo 3: What happens after the sun goes down

I'm fairly certain you haven't seen this before, as in the sun having already gone down but it's sunset colors still remaining. It looks like the sun is hiding behind clouds, but it's not.

a colossal waste of time

Today I did one thing and one thing only.

Play video games.

And I loved every second of it.

It has been quite a long time since I devoted one entire day to playing video games. Or should I say game, because the only game I played today was Half-Life 2.

Honestly speaking, I haven't enjoyed a video game this much in a long, long time. I totally understand why HL2 received so much praise by the gaming community.

I bought HL2 the day it was released back in 2004. My computer wouldn't run it optimally, so I really couldn't enjoy it. But now with my new box I can.

And oh yeah, I did.

I know it's totally geeky, nerdy or whatever you want to call it to stay holed up and do nothing but play video games all day.

But I don't care. It's not like I do this every day (or hardly ever for that matter). I'm allowed to waste one day of my life playing a game if I want to.

Tomorrow it's back to biz as usual.

But not today. 🙂

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