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Today I decided to unlock all the topics that were auto-locked. I have this "mod" in my forum that auto-locks topics that haven't been written to in x number of days. A few times people have wanted to comment on older stuff but couldn't because the system had already locked the topic.

If this works out okay I'll keep the older stuff unlocked.

To note: "Locked" doesn't mean "hidden". It just means those older posts can now be replied to once again.

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It's been a while since I shot out some links here, so here you go.

The Superficial - The tagline to this site is "Because You're Ugly". Having a bad day? Read this and smile, and realize you probably never want to be famous. To note: This is a brilliantly written site.

Where the hell is Matt? - A guy from New England does what most of us only dream of doing: Travel the world. Make sure to check out the dorky dance in the videos.

POI Factory - Well, you knew I couldn't get thru this without throwing in a GPS site. POI Factory is a great place to go if you have a mobile GPS unit that's POI capable (which most are). Find new and interesting places to go so you can, y'know, get out of the house every once in a while. And to note: GPS is not just for people who own luxury vehicles and RV's. It's for everybody.

Vader Sessions - This is a YouTube video. It did make me laugh out loud. That's all you need to know. Go watch it.

they just turn their heads

Title of this entry is a lyric from a song about a comic book character. And to date, the best bastardized lyric I've ever heard from that song was "He was formed from cellulite and Juicy Fruit gum!". That still makes me laugh to this day.


So yeah, new template once again. It gives the illusion of looking bigger but it's actually the same size as the previous one. I used BrowserCam to make sure it works everywhere (even on AOL 9.0). I highly recommend that site to anyone who needs to test templates. That site tests a ton of different browsers in Windows, Mac and Linux in multiple resolutions. If you're into web design (and no, I don't mean crappy MySpace pages), you should check it out.


[edit: Domain I used to own] has had a "coming soon" for about a week now. I meant to finish it way earlier, but I had to do this site first. What I'm hoping is that I'll have some new music content over there when I deploy the new design.

Just in case anyone is interested, the design is probably going to have some Flash animation in it. Or not. Haven't decided yet. Ordinarily I am very anti-flash, but I may make an exception there because it's not on my blog.

Any time I see a blog with Flash on it, I only ask two questions if it's not a graphic designer blog: Why? What's the point?


On a nostalgic note, I found a MySpace page from my old stomping grounds about a band that made a "reunion" page. Put it this way, when this band was popular, I was fifteen years old (i.e. a really long time ago).

The band I speak of used to be the hottest ticket in town back in the day. They had a pro setup, complete with a crew, lighting rig, sound guy and whatnot.

For a bar band they sounded decent. The song list usually consisted of 90% (or more) cover songs.

As far as they looked, well.. let's just say they did the 80's look very well in the 90's.

This band, like so many others, suffered from what I call the "Central Hotel" effect, which is a running gag where I'm from. Any band that plays the Central Hotel (that's the actual name of the place) never goes anywhere and are doomed to fall into obscurity. There's just a dark cloud hovering over that place.. what can I say.

I never played the Central Hotel. 🙂

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