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Top 3 reasons why modern music sucks

Unofficially, it's said that the music you connect with and listen to for the rest of your life happens between the ages of 13 (right before high school) and 25 (after graduating college), and that you absolutely will not listen to anything else after that.

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Newsletter possibly returning, but different this time around

I've been doing RFM for a little while now, but I've been feeling the itch to get back into publishing a newsletter. There are a few problems with this however.

Starting (or in my case restarting) a newsletter from zero is a total pain in the ass because building a subscriber list is not easy. In order to get my sub list to even a small number like 100, I'd have to spam the crap out of people just to sign up for it and that is something I simply will not do.

After thinking about it, I realized there is something I can use to post a newsletter.

Google Plus.

Yeah, I know, this is a bit of a weird idea, but it is something I would feel would work out a whole lot better, and here's why:

G+ is much more accommodating to long-form posts

On G+ you can format stuff just like a newsletter or blog article would be formatted. I like that a lot.

I don't have to force anyone to subscribe just to read it

Whether subbed or not, you can read anything I post there.

It's very, very mobile-friendly

G+ was designed from the ground up to be mobile-friendly, and I consider that important.

My YouTube subscribers already all have G+ accounts

Authoring a newsletter on G+ makes it stupidly easy for them to follow me there since they already all have Google Accounts along with G+ profiles.

It finally gives me a reason to use G+

I'm actually glad to find a reason to use G+. Even though the system only commands 2% of all social sharing on the internet, Goog is committed to make it work, so maybe in a year or so it will creep up to 5% or maybe even 10%. Maybe more. Who knows.

I'm actually going to try and put this whole thing in G+ just to see how the formatting works out. Hopefully it will appear mostly the same as it does here.

[Edit: Check out the G+ version of this here]

Would I buy a 3D-printed guitar?


3D-printed guitars are NOT affordable and start at around $3,000 to buy one. Eventually they will get cheaper, but for now they cost way, way too much

But let's say for the moment that I actually had the money to spend on one. Would I buy it?


Right now, 3D printing is still a maturing thing, and at present there is no real reason to own a 3D-printed guitar. They don't play better, don't sound better and solely exist just because some people think they look cool (I personally think they look like children's toys).

3D-printed guitars do use wooden necks, by the way. Why? Probably because one hasn't been able to have been printed yet that has the right flex or weight to it. I'm sure eventually someone will develop a printed neck that gets it right, but that's probably not going to happen any time soon, therefore wood is used.

Basically speaking, 3D-printed guitars at best are a novelty, much the same as guitar bodies made from acrylic.

You'd be better off saving $2,650+ and just get an Epiphone Les Paul Studio instead. Or heck, even a Gibson Les Paul Standard is cheaper than a 3D-printed guitar. Yes, really.

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