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Crackin' the Inspiron part 2

(part 1)

I received my new keyboard from Dell today for my Inspiron 6000. I was pleasantly surprised for a few reasons:

1. The part arrived EXACTLY when they said it would (2 business days).

2. The part included instructions on how to change the old part (which they didn't do before).

3. The part included two free tools! A small philips screwdriver and a custom plastic piece to remove the bezel! Nice!

Total remove/install time: Less than 5 minutes, including the bootup to check to see if the new keyboard worked or not. Very, very easy.

One thing I notice immediately about this keyboard is that it's a bit louder than my old one. Hopefully this noise will decrease once the board is broken in a bit. It's also seems "thicker". The ribbon cable underneath is definitely made of better stuff also. It would seem that the replacement keyboard for the Inspiron 6000 addresses a few issues up front, like keyboard flex and keys that are over-sensitive (which is exactly what happened to mine).

The only thing I'm concerned about is this: The part came with a return waybill to send back the old part - which is typical of Dell. HOWEVER.. the tech on the phone said I did not have to send back the old part, so.. I'll hang on to it for a while. If Dell decides to bill me for the part (which they shouldn't), then I will just send the old board back. But I'm hoping I don't have to do that.

Anyway, problem solved. My "L" key now works normally, as does the rest of the keyboard. Good deal.

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