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2005 - The year in review and New Year's resolutions

Has this year been any good? Let's review (using pluses for good, minuses for bad).

(+) Finally moved out of the mouse to Maine.

(-) Failed miserably at finding work where I moved to and had to move back in with family.

(+) Rekindled a relationship with a girl I broke up with. She said she had a job waiting for me if I moved in with her in Indiana.

(-) Moved to Indiana only to find no work and that she had lied the whole time. Moved back in with family. Again.

(+) Bought a new truck.

(-) Because of all the traveling I've been doing on it, it's already past the 22,000 mile mark - but still running great.

(+) I still have my health.

(+) I have been very good at not reading other people's blogs and/or web sites that I can't stand.

(+) I finished the treatment for my screenplay.

(-) I haven't finished the actual screenplay and have been very lazy at actually getting to it. I have no idea why because I have all the time in the world right now to do it.

(+) I turned 30.

(-) I'm constantly reminded that there is so much I've missed.

(+) But I'm still young and I still have plenty of time to make up for lost opportunities.

(+) The older I get, the more of a snob I'm turning out to be. I don't consider this a bad thing.

(+) Finally got GPS for my car. It's one of the best (if not the best) automotive accessory purchase I've ever made in my life. With the recent gift of a bigger better GPS it's now even more fun to travel.

(-) I'm still ten pounds overweight (at least to me).

(-) Pop got his left big toe amputated.

(+) He feels no more pain in that foot at all, 'cept when he tries to do too much on it.

(-) I'm still smoking cigarettes.

(+) Starting to realize that the less I say, the more people are interested in what I have to say ('cept when I blog, then the "wordiness" is acceptable).

(+) Will be relaunching my biz in '06.

(-) Did not go to a movie theater once.

(-) Did not go swimming once.

(-) Did not go to the beach once.

(+) Finally got a good laptop. Best computer purchase I've ever made.


New Year's Resolutions for '06:

Quit smoking. It's bad for me.

Lose ten pounds.

Run a successful biz so I don't have to work some crappy job just to survive.

Get a place of my own - and stay there, as in not be forced to move back with family... again.

Finish a screenplay, sell it and make tons of money.

Pay off my truck.

Pay off my credit card (Yeah right. Well, I guess that's why they call these resolutions).

Spend more time screenplay writing and less time blogging.

Get a girlfriend. A nice one. Who's short. And cute. And doesn't lie, cheat or steal. And treats me nice.

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