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5 reasons Twitter is better than Facebook

5. You can post status updates a bazillion different ways.

Twitter has a crapload of clients to use. Facebook has two. The site itself and Digsby. I haven't found any others.

4. Public nature

Facebook is designed to be private and sharing stuff out from it is a pain in the ass. Twitter shares everything easily.

3. Speed.

Facebook is slow; Twitter runs circles around it.

2. The ability to change usernames on your existing account any time you want.

Facebook only allows your real name. Twitter allows any name, and in addition will allow you to change your name without losing your followers or those you follow.

1. The fact most Facebookers don't get Twitter at all.

Facebook for all intents and purposes is not easy and never has been. The signup process sucks, the "verification" crap sucks, the ads suck, the apps suck, etc. It all sucks and does have a bit of a learning curve to it. Remember how frustrated you were when you first started using Facebook, but then finally caved in because everybody else was using it and forced yourself to learn it?

Twitter is synonymous with easy as far as I'm concerned. So easy that it confuses people. That's a-okay because it leaves the system to the rest of us who actually use it and understand what it's about.

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