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a few drops

I've made a few changes that I personally think are for the better.

I'm not using MySpace anymore (for now)

I haven't closed my account but the sidebar link on my site is gone. It would seem that no one really gives a crap about MySpace anymore, and the people that stay do so just because.. well.. I'm not really sure.

The next time I use MySpace will be for music promotion. Yes I know there are million and one crappy bands/artists on MySpace, however it is seriously a good way to "get the ear out" if you do it the right way. And yes there is a right and wrong way to do it.

I'm not using Twitter anymore

This has also left my sidebar. I was only using Twitter in combination with TwitterFeed to broadcast whenever I wrote a new post on my blog. I wasn't getting too many click-thrus from it and I don't use it as a social tool so I just stopped using it altogether. But I'm leaving the account open just in case I ever decide to use it again - although I doubt I will.

I stopped using Digsby

Digsby is a kick-ass instant messaging client. If you are one of the people that is using it based on my recommendation, stay with it - I'm not telling you to stop.

I stopped using it because I switched to Windows Live Domains and am now using the Windows Live Messenger full-time. I can chat with people on MSN or Windows Live or Yahoo - and that's all I need. Furthermore the WLM is also connected to my e-mail.

I've finally reached the point where my e-mail address is a one-for-all. It's my e-mail and my IM. I get it all working using one client. Just one. Very convenient.

Addition: AIM Lite

There are still a few contacts I have that use AIM so I needed something light and simple to connect with those people. I found AIM Lite. It is actually an AIM product. Very tiny; lightning fast. ALL instant messengers should be like this. I seriously dig it.

If all you do on AIM is text-chat and nothing else, you have no reason to use the regular AIM client. Use AIM Lite instead.


Here's a screenshot from my Windows Task Manager:


This is how much memory an IM app should take.

As a comparison, WLM uses 30000 to 35000K on average. That's really good but not even close to AIM Lite.

And by the way, AIM Lite has a Windows and Mac version. So if Adium isn't your thing on OS X, you now have a decent light alternative.

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