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b and z

As I slowly but surely make my way towards middle age, my skin has been doing some weird things. It's probably a combination of environment (Florida), diet, age and just getting older in general.

A few years back the outer edges of my lips started going dry like crazy, causing cracking. Fortunately this is an easy fix - vitamin B. You get dry lips, you take B or B-Complex, the edges heal up like they're supposed to and you go about your business. The healing happens quick and it only takes about 2 days to heal up proper.

Another problem I have is my skin - particularly my face - oils up like crazy in a short period of time. This unfortunately can turn into a bacteria farm in short order and lead to acne, which it has even at the age I'm at now. I basically have to wash my face every few hours, else I 'sheen', and obviously not in a good way.

The cure for this, which unfortunately isn't as quick as B, is zinc and chromium. For now I'm not doing the chromium just to see how the zinc works out.

Right now I'm taking B and zinc in small amounts and so far it's working out fairly well. The recommendation for zinc is to pop a single 50mg caplet once a day, but only on a full stomach else you'll get sick.

It's been a couple of weeks now and this is what's happened so far.

1. Oils have decreased slightly.

From what I understand, going on a zinc regimen isn't fast at all and takes anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks before noticing any real difference. But I have noticed my face doesn't oil up as fast as usual, and that's good.

2. Hair combs easier; appears to have more color.

I'm not threatening to go gray (yet), but since starting on zinc the hair seems to be - and there's really no other way to describe this - more "agreeable" than usual. It also appears to have more color (as in more gold color), and don't even ask me to explain that one because I don't have an answer. But it's a good thing regardless.

3. Skin color has more tone.

I did read a lot of comments on zinc where many have said this is one of the first things you'll notice. I don't have patchy/blotchy skin, but my skin color is starting to actually get tone. I'm fair-skinned and always have been, but now it appears not so 'pasty' for lack of a better definition.

I'll put it another way - I'm so white I make sour cream look dark, but now it's not so obvious. And yes, that's an improvement.

4. Alertness increase.

Another thing about zinc people commented about is that your concentration and alertness may increase. Mine did. It's not a night-and-day difference or anything like that, but it is noticeable. Where I noticed the alertness is that I just felt "more awake" if that makes any sense. Not like bug-eyed awake, just.. more awake. I can't explain it any better than that.

5. Less stiff when getting up after sleep.

Ordinarily when I wake up I am very stiff, and it takes me a good 5 to 10 minutes before the stiffness works itself out. That hasn't completely gone away, but the time it takes to work the stiffness out has easily been cut by half or more.

End result: So far, so good. Skin looks better, hair looks better, face doesn't oil up as much, my alertness improved and I'm waking better after sleep.

The primary reason I started on zinc was for my face; the other improvements are just bonuses, but very good ones. 🙂

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