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being the host

I've been spending quite a bit of time being an online host for a live internet broadcast for work. I know I've mentioned it before but it's the "thing I'm doing" right now so that's what's on my mind at the moment.

It's going well. I dig it, I like it and establishing relationships with others across the globe (literally) is something I will never tire of on the internet.

I have encountered pretty much every type of computery internet person you can think of while hosting the broadcast. The regular Joes, the nerds, the chaos-makers, you name it - it's happened. I've been taking it all in stride.

Possibly the strangest - but good - feeling I've been getting is that it is in reality a very social thing even though you don't leave the house. I think I'm finally starting to realize the allure of live 'net-casting and why it can be such an addictive thing.

However this is not going to keep me chained to my desk. My love for the Sunshine State holds no bounds and I still get out whenever I can.

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