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communication changes

There's a few things I've been doing per my communication stuff. Nothing drastic but sort of funny. You'll understand why in a moment.


I silently switched back to my main email address a few weeks or a month or so ago (can't remember the time span exactly but who cares). For the people sending to my MSN account, don't worry, I'll still receive your mail. Fortunately Microsoft does offer free POP access to all Hotmail accounts, MSN included.


I've had my fun with ICQ but I think it's time to put that to bed. AOL is very close to dumping ICQ because of their breakup with Time Warner. And I'm fairly certain the interoperability between ICQ and AIM accounts will come to a grinding halt in short order because of that.

I tried, repeat, tried to get people to IM me using my email address as my screen name but only one person I know actually did that. The rest just got confused.

I have an old AIM account, but I've never liked the name because it sounds too "dark" to me. And if you're wondering how I ever came up with that name, it's an anagram of my real name.

So now I have a new AIM account: m3nga. Yes it uses that stupid "change a vowel with a number" b.s. (hence the 3), but it's really short at only 5 characters, really easy to remember and it was available so I grabbed it.

Why the sudden interest in AIM again? It's because of AIM 7 which is the most ass-kickingest AIM I've ever used. It will chat (obviously), post to AIM Lifestream, Twitter and Facebook - all in one shot. Very convenient.


Twitter has officially jumped the shark. The powers that be over at Twitter decided that people are linking to other web sites way too much in that system and are hosing accounts left and right because of it.

This means if I post a YouTube link (which I do often on Twitter), I can get my account suspended for it.

That's a nice crap sandwich Twitter just pooped out.

At this point I don't give a crap about Twitter anymore and I might stop using it altogether. I won't delete my account, but I may just post to AIM Lifestream and my Facebook account from now on because at least I know they aren't going to can you just for posting a link periodically.

It's a bit comical

AIM, contrary to what people think, is a rock-solid IM service with a rock-solid client. It is best-of-breed in every way mainly due to the fact they're one of the longest lasting IM services in existence. AIM does not break. MSN does. Yahoo does. Nobody uses Google Talk. Jabber is a joke. AIM just plain works.

With email I tried several times to put trust and faith that webmail would work the same way POP does. It does not. Emails vanish, the system breaks (on any flavor be it Hotmail, Yahoo or Gmail), the in-mail search just doesn't work, the TOS for all of them is just plain creepy, and the whole cloud thing is just a complete piece of crap. Slow loading, unreliable, you name it.. it just sucks.

What's comical is that the things I used for internet communications a decade ago are still the best options now. AIM is ancient. POP email is also ancient. But they both work exactly as they're supposed to - which in the end is all you ever want.

So yeah, rewind the clock to 1999 and start using AIM and email to contact me with. I've added my contact links to the sidebar just in case you forget them (which you shouldn't because they're stupidly easy to remember).

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