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book 'em, dano

I'm pleased to report that the book has been helping out Alesis Fusion users and they've been very appreciative of the tutorials. It's great to know it's helping people out because that was the whole intent in the first place. 🙂

I'd also like to extend thanks to those that suggested that I make an e-book (downloadable) version. I made one available and several have opted to go with that instead of the printed version of the book - so it was a good suggestion.

third time is not a charm

First camcorder: Fell off a tripod, busted the DV port. My fault entirely.

Second camcorder: DV port busted on its own. Out for warranty as we speak.

Third camcorder: Video sporadically cut out for no reason. Will be sending back for a refund.

This is gettin' mighty ridiculous.

O, how I wish for a camcorder that works.

miranda not so good

I installed and configured Miranda recently, which was working out very well at first, but then started to exhibit some really weird tendencies. Some IM's weren't going thru, and there was some other weird stuff going on.

I have to do a review of instant messengers anyway, so I installed a bunch of them. ICQ, Yahoo, AIM, Google Talk, Windows Live and so on. ICQ still sucks. Windows Live is still too top-heavy.

But AIM.. whoa, that has come such a long way. And they're giving away free phone numbers. Seriously. So I got myself one. Took about thirty seconds.

And Yahoo? Again, wow. Much better. I love the fact it can run plug-in's now. I run one for weather and a clock. Works really well. And the voice communication has really improved, too.

So.. maybe I'll run Yahoo! Messenger and AIM in their original forms once again? I'll give it a shot. As long as it doesn't screw up my computer or slow it down, I'm happy.

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